Food for Thought

Improving health and wellbeing through gardening.

Food for Thought provides a supportive environment which helps people develop practical and life skills whilst gaining confidence, increasing self-esteem and feeling valued.


It suits young people with special educational needs, poor mental health including anxiety, or low confidence, and those needing assistance with transition into adulthood.


The work includes seed sowing, planting out, weeding, plant nurturing and harvesting as well as making jams, chutneys, pickles, sauces and soups with the ingredients we have grown. There is also a fair amount of garden maintenance using hand tools, such as building/repairing beds and cutting fire wood.


The project is designed to be attended on a regular basis, up to 3 days per week, in conjunction with school, tutoring or other alternative provision.

There is no expectation to achieve any form of qualification initially, but there is scope to progress to work towards a City and Guilds Land Based Qualification in Horticulture. We can deliver

entry level 2, entry level 3 & level 1.


Cost £105 / person / day (as of 1st Sept 20120

City & Guilds one-off registration fee £200

If 1:1 care is required, support must be arranged separately. Transport from a central point can be arranged.

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