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Feedback & Testimonials

A selection of quotes, photos and videos from beneficiaries and visiting groups about their time at the Centre:

"The staff are so proactive and creative in helping Riz do his jobs. They have always made it feel like Riz is helping them out by being there and doing these jobs. Riz is truly blessed to be part of their Food for Thought programme"

Instagram - @aspirationinmotion

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Riz's Mum, Zeenat -

"Riz is 24 years old, has autism, hearing and visual impairments, is non-verbal and has learning difficulties. Riz comes to Food for Thought at Lambourne End with his 1-to-1 personal assistant.

Some of the jobs Riz helps out with are watering the plants, using the wheelbarrow, picking and chopping fruit for jams, chutneys and feeding animals.

Riz needed help developing his fine motor skills - it is so great that they have sourced a special knife that enables Riz to chop successfully. 

When feeding the chickens, he can now hold the feed steady - he gets so happy when he manages to throw it in without dropping any of it. Riz loves being outdoors. Walking from one job to the next also gives him much needed exercise".

Testimonial from a carer (Rural Studies)

"Lambourne exudes an enchanting charm. Here, students enhance their self-confidence, hone their communication abilities and develop practical skills. The staff genuinely care about addressing and assisting each student on an academic and personal level. No matter the challenge, nothing stands in the way of education. From gaining confidence to feeding the pigs and embarking on a City and Guilds program, every step is valued. Sam and her team are truly exceptional individuals. I wholeheartedly endorse them, confident that your student will achieve remarkable growth"

Story from Sycamore Trust's Autumn newsletter (2022)

"For the first time, we visited Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning. It is an amazing place and as the week began, we were confident our young people would love the activities"

"There were a few nerves on the abseil rope but everyone completed the course quickly enough to get back upstairs for another go!"

"The groups came together for 'rockets'. We didn't know what to expect, so imagine our surprise when an extremely inventive rocket launcher using a combination of water and compressed air launched our rockets a comfortable 100m! Great fun and an absolute highlight of the week!"

Click the arrows to see more photos of Sycamore Trust's visit

"It was our first trip to Lambourne. It really was a great success and thanks are due in no small part to the staff and instructors who were brilliant from the very start"

"The real stars of the show were the young people, who impressed us all week with their levels of endeavour and enthusiasm, and all without an electronic device in sight... We're already looking forward to next year!"

City and Guilds

In November 2022, 5 of our Food for Thought participants have achieved City and Guilds qualifications through their work at Lambourne End!

These included Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 3 awards in Land Based Studies

Flick through the photos on the right to see some of Food for Thought receive their certificates.

Norton Rose Fulbright

"Thoroughly enjoyed my volunteering day at Lambourne End and hearing of the great work they do there. Also a great team bonding day!"

"Lambourne End is a fantastic facility that is perfect for team building and supporting corporates achieve their corporate social responsibility aims. The team had a great day out in the fresh air repairing a bridge and climbing wall flooring for the benefit of those who access the Centre for all its glory!"

"So much fun to be outside and actually building something!"

"What a wonderful day - great to be outdoors with such amazing people and a bonus to be able to stroke a few piglets!"

Click the arrows to see more photos of Norton Rose Fulbright's Corporate Social Responsibility day at LEC

"Had such a fabulous time volunteering on our team day - a great place and great work"

Newham Pupil Referral Unit

"We would all like to thank the team at Lambourne End for all their hard work, dedication and support. Working with alternative provision, SEMH and vulnerable young people can have its challenges. It takes some amazing, compassionate and resilient individuals. Your team has displayed these attributes and qualities week after week and for that we truly appreciate you all"

Catholic Fellowship

"Thank you and the wonderful staff for the lovely welcome and fantastic support given by everyone to our members and volunteers. We all had a super time, all amazed at the activities the children did and in many cases, thanks to the patience and encouragement of your staff"

Short Breaks Days for young people with disabilities in Redbridge/Essex

"The Centre is really good for all the activities and the only place where SEN kids are truly encouraged"

"The best part of the day was meeting and working with families of a different disability and realising how our children can work together in groups and encourage one another to interact with different activities"

"I am extremely happy that I could bring two of my SEN children to a safe, friendly environment where me and my children felt wanted. It's a brilliant place, it's extremely difficult during holidays and having this place to come to was so good. For once I have a place to go with my boys; we need more places like this"

"Our daughter was able to enjoy herself without attending to her special needs brothers. She was able to interact with her brothers and partake in activities which would not otherwise have been possible if we didn't come to Lambourne End"

"X enjoyed archery and gained a lot of confidence as the activity progressed and realised what he was capable of achieving... it was a real treat to not have to prepare even one meal in the holidays which are very full on for parents caring for someone with a disability"

"My child was able to spend time with his peers doing suitable activities and have some independence and autonomy during the day"

"We are so impressed with how much our daughter has progressed since coming here. She used to be non-compliant. Today she did all activities independently. The staff are fantastic with her and her needs"

"The activities are so inclusive and varied. They have never experienced these things before. It is good to see them make new friends and try new challenging activities"

K (and mum), Food for Thought

When asked what's good about Lambourne End, K said:

  • "It helps my mental health

  • It helps with my caring for others who need help

  • Independence

  • Built good relationships with staff and other people on the course

  • Archery and crossbow

  • Love axing and chopping wood. Learnt lots of new skills like axe chopping safely. Learnt how to build a wheelbarrow.

  • All staff are very caring and friendly and support us a lot"

K's mum added:

"Lambourne End has been the one constant over the years. It is a place where K can go and feel safe in good company with people that understand him. It is a place he can continue attending when having a difficult time with his mental health (and unable to attend other places such as college) as the environment and people around him are right for him. He feels calm and safe there.

K has learnt so many new skills at Lambourne End including general skills such as independence and confidence with others. He has also learnt specific skills including tasks he does on site and in the garden. He has learnt to push himself with encouragement from staff but also knowing he can say when he finds something too difficult or isn't feeling up to taking part. It is lovely to see his big smile as he walks around the site talking to staff. It feels like being part of a big family".

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