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Farm Shop


As we are a working farm, we sell our meat. It is non-intensively farmed and reared using organic principles, and is all frozen: chops, steaks, joints, bacon, ribs, mince, burgers and our award-winning flavoured sausages: cumberland • pork & apple • leek • stilton & broccoli • red wine & shallots • marmite

For specific stock information, please phone ahead.


We collect eggs from the farm everyday and bring them up to our Farm Shop. Please call us to check the hens have laid before making a special trip to buy your eggs!

Fresh fruit and veg

 Seasonal vegetables are available for most of the year. Please call us for details.

Jams and pickles

The gardeners on our Food for Thought project use what they grow to make and create delicious jarred preserves; jams, marmalades, chutney, jellies, oils and vinegars. They also make pamper pots of moisturisers and bath salts!

Handmade gifts and souvenirs

Our wonderful and talented staff and volunteers make all sorts of gifts including natural soaps, crocheted blankets, candles, coasters, and even jewellery out of our Jacobs sheep horns.

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