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Become a volunteer


Lambourne End Centre is supported by an amazing team of volunteers who help us run all the different aspects to the Centre. This includes everything from running activities, caring for the animals and car maintenance.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Centre then we will make sure you are supported, valued and included in whichever area you are interested in. We are able to offer volunteering opportunities on our farm, the site, adventurous activities, fundraising, administration and hospitality. We will work the time of volunteering to suit you - whether that’s at the weekends, once a month or everyday.

For all volunteers we can offer in-house training to make sure you are well equipped to carry out your role. For long-term volunteers we can support them through external qualifications too.

Please note that the Centre is not served by public transport and is on a busy country lane - you will need to organise your own transport.

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