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Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning is a fantastic 54 acre classroom with the freedom to create the right atmosphere for learning. Through tailored programmes it provides the opportunity for people to develop and stretch themselves whilst enjoying a fun experience in a welcoming and informal environment in which they can feel truly valued.

This is all delivered within a culture based on our core values of:​

  • Promoting learning for all

  • Belief in people’s potential

  • Inclusive

  • Respect for people and the environment

Lambourne End Centre is therefore committed to:

  • Being a centre of excellence

  • Being focused on development and learning for all

  • Bringing the outdoors and our environment to life for people

  • Bringing adventure and stretch

  • Being bright, modern, optimistic, inspiring, fun

We are keen to develop long-term relationships with like-minded organisations. If you are interested in working with us please give us a ring because we would love to talk to you.

Organisational Chart February 2023_page-0001 - Copy.jpg

our board of trustees

our centre

Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning offers both adventurous activities and opportunities to learn about animals and the environment on our farm. We utilise all 54 acres of the site through the different activities and have different rooms and buildings for groups to use.

our staff team

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