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We aim to provide high quality personal development experiences that meet the needs of your group and each individual in an inclusive way. Our wide range of activities can be combined into bespoke programmes to acheive your required outcomes and we will always work in consultation with you. Please call us to chat about what you're looking for on 0208 5003047.

Please note, due to our insurance, some activities are for ages 8 and over only.

List of activities for ages 8 and over

Low Ropes Course
Challenging elements over water, try not to fall in PLOP!
Learn paddling techniques on the pool and race as teams!
Learn paddle skills offsite at a local river.
Brand New Wall! A fun and energetic activity.
A personal challenge, mentally and physically demanding.
Raft Building
Learn to tie knots and build a raft as a team. But will it float?
Excellent for building individual skills and having fun as a group!
Push your boundaries and try something completely new!
Mountain Biking
High energy and high reward!
Zip Wire
A thrill and an adrenaline rush.
Introduction to basic techniques through demos and practice.
A series of problem solving activities.
Wheelchair Abseil
Take the plunge over the platform edge and abseil down the wall!
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List of activities for all ages

Relax after an activity and have fun.
Bush Craft
Learn survival skills in the wild.
Wide Games
A great activity to get a group thinking strategically
Earth Ball
A team building activity with a huge inflatable ball!
One Horse Power
Pony & cart rides around site.
Trim Trail
Challenges on the field to practice balance and build muscles.
A series of problem solving skills to work through as a team.
An outdoor pool, great for parties.
Discover, Build and Launch into the Sky.
Meat, Meet and Eat
Meet the animals on an interactive farm tour.
Sow and Grow
Plant, weed, water and harvest.
Woolly Jumper
Focus on sheep and their many uses.
Home Sweet Home
Discover habitats and minibeasts.
Chicken and the Egg
An investigation into chickens.
Freshwater Explorer
Explore our beautiful pond and the diverse creatures that live there.
You Must Be Kidding!
Hands on and fun activity.
Sensory Trail
Discover the world around us using our senses.
Plants with a Purpose
How to plants contribute to everyday life?
Eggs Can Fly
Work together to defend your egg before it gets dropped!
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