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Young Farmers Club

Every Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 12pm

We are a fun and welcoming club that delivers practical sessions for young people between the ages of 8-14. These sessions are for individuals who can work independently and can follow instructions, as well as, understanding the importance of health and safety around the farm. We aim to improve their knowledge of farming and help them to gain confidence in working with the animals.

Along with being an educational farm, we are also a working farm and have professional members of staff with years of experience in farming as well as outdoor learning.

The young farmers are in a group of 10 and led by one member of staff along with an additional adult volunteer. These sessions run every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 12pm with a 30-minute break in between.

The daily tasks will include:

  • Morning feeds

  • Farm maintenance 

  • Animal husbandry (such as foot trimming, and health checks)


Throughout the year, we aim to get our young people involved in as many things as possible, the types of activities include:

  • Taking our ‘Young Farmers’ to a livestock show each year to take part in the young handler’s competition.

  • The group are invited to an overnight stay around lambing time to be shepherds for the evening to see if they can witness and assist a live birth!


We offer the first week, as a free trial and then it will be £90 for 12 weekly sessions, this is so that we can ensure spaces are filled. Payments can be made either over the phone or at reception. Unfortunately, we are unable to give refunds if your child does not attend, as we need to cover the cost of our staff members.


If you are interested in becoming a ‘Young Farmer’ then please submit your interest! We would love to see you there!

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Submit your interest here!

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