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Rural Studies

Hello Rural Studies!


Each Monday, two resources will be uploaded for you to complete throughout the week. Further information on how to submit completion and when by will be on each task. You will also receive a problem of the week that we would like you to try and solve (so if you can, let us know) and some optional extras if you're feeling particularly curious.

Please enjoy these tasks set and if you have any questions, get in contact. Good luck!

Task 1

Task 1: We want you now to watch Jan make her famous jostaberry jam using soft fruits harvested from our garden. Follow the tutorial and make some at home! Or... use this worksheet to test your knowledge. Task 2: We still would LOVE for you to get involved in your own 2.6 challenge. H ead over to our 2.6 challenge page and see if this is something you could see yourself being involved in. If you're unsure, then firstly send Maddie over some ideas on how you could complete yours?

Task 2

Task 1: Though lockdown has been, at times, dreary! we hope you've been staying physical. Cycling perhaps? If so, then Lee's demonstration on how to carry out an M check will help you out! So... grab your bike and carry out your own - then let us know how you get on! Task 2: What have you done during lockdown? Have you achieved something new? Let Maddie know! We would love to share your quotes with our supporters.

Task 3

Task 1: The sun is shining again this week, hooray! You will probably be very familiar with this task from your time at Lambourne End that's perfect for this weather. This week, we want you to have a go at a garden scavenger hunt by using this checklist below and let us know how you get on!

Task 4

Task 1: We work closely with other organisations to produce our resources. One organisation that always inspires us is The Woodland Trust. This week, we want you to head over to their mammal page and create a poster on one of the mammals listed. You'll have to do some research - we can't wait to see what you produce!

Task 5

Hello everyone! This week's task is probably our favourite so far. We love birds here at Lambourne End and are always fascinated by their characters, personalities and beauty. We want you to do some bird watching yourself at home, so use this sheet and let us know how you get on! We can't wait to see what you find. Extra thumbs up for pictures!

Task 6

This week, we would love for you to create a poster to tell us all about what you've been up to during lockdown. Make this as colourful as possible, print some pictures off if you like & stick them on too!

Task 7

This is our last week of virtual learning! So we'd really like you to tell us, in your own unique format, what you've learned from us during lockdown and using our virtual learning services. Your unique format could be: - a poem - a drawing - a collage - a video - a short paragraph It's up to you!