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Hello everyone!

We are eager to continue supporting you where possible. So, each Monday, resource(s) will be uploaded for you to have a go at throughout the week. Once you have completed them, we would love to see how you've done - so please do send them back to us! These may not all be garden related but will be around outdoor and environmental education.


You will also receive a problem of the week that we would like you to try and solve (so if you can, let us know).

Please enjoy these resources and if you have any questions, get in contact. Good luck!

Summer Term 2

  • Climbing
    Climbing is a test of your strength, determination and overcoming fears of heights.
  • Abseiling
    A challenging and physical exercise. Abseiling is a personal challenge descending a wall from a great height into the dark caves. It’s extremely mentally and physically demanding. Abseiling stretches people’s comfort zones but our instructors will ensure you feel comfortable the whole way through the activity. By the end you’ll have built up your self esteem - which is such a buzz!
  • Wheelchair Abseiling
    A wall designed for wheelchair users to be able to abseil backwards down a very steep slope!
  • Zip Wire
    A thrilling activity which will push you to your limits. We have two zip wires, one goes from the top of the climbing wall and the other is wheelchair accessible and goes from the top of the Wheelchair Abseil activity on the farm.
  • Caving
    A great activity for pushing your boundaries and trying something completely new! Our caving system is a purpose built system of tunnels of different lengths and widths. For some of them you will slip through easily, but others will be a bit of a tight squeeze! We work at the pace of group, so it doesn’t matter if you’re scared of being squashed, the dark, or the wet. As a group you will work through a series of exercises with your leader, then if you are feeling up to it you can have another go independently. Don’t worry - you will have head torches on for as long as wanted.
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