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The Blacksmiths Forge


Forging life skills, creating confidence and promoting individual responsibility.


The forge at Urban Crafts Foundation provides an environment to develop academic, practical, social and artistic skills. It is suitable for a variety of young people such as those with behavioural problems or those who struggle in a traditional academic environment.

Being a working forge student; you will be involved in variety of tasks. The project is designed to work along the lines of an “apprenticeship”. Students will assist the blacksmiths in their work, and work on their own projects. The provision will provide instruction in art, maths, welding and traditional forging. Students are also encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others around them. They can gain the confidence in having opinions and ideas and to provide a real life working environment to help them progress into adulthood.

Students would gain the most out the project by regular attendance of 2 days a week in conjunction with school or tutoring.

Cost £110 per day (for Sept 2020 - August 2021)

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