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Focus Programme


Personal and social development programme with a focus on outdoor learning and adventurous activities.

A programme designed to raise confidence, self-esteem and improve communication using outdoor activities like archery, climbing and bushcraft as a means to engage pupils. The programme also aims to support pupils with managing relationships, developing team work and life skills and celebrating achievement.

This project is for young people in KS 3 who are underachieving in mainstream school and are at risk of not fulfilling their potential.

The project is designed to be attended on a regular basis, for 1 or 2 days per week, in conjunction with school, tutoring or other alternative provision.


Adequate support staff would be expected to accompany students. Transport from a central point can be arranged.

Cost £120 / person / day (as of 1st Sept 2024)

Availability of course dependent on having a min. 6 students.

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