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Support our Crowdfunder campaign

Monday 16th January - Tuesday 28th February

This January, we will be launching a Crowdfunder campaign to refurbish the modular building that has been donated to us by Alderton Junior School including connecting to utilities and repairing damage.

As we have become (delightfully) busy, we have started becoming limited in our ability to welcome more groups who need us due to a lack of indoor space. This building will help us continue to support our community.

The project comes at a crucial time where vulnerable people rely on the support of charities like ours. Many of us are being hit hard with the current cost of living crisis and asking people to part with their money at the moment is hard, but we recognise how supportive and charitable our community are.

The Centre is facing the same issues. However, we are resolved to ensure we can help as many people as possible, more of whom are finding themselves newly in need of support.

We enthusiastically welcome, appreciate and feel immense gratitude for every single donation we receive.

There are ways you can support us without donating too:

Sharing our campaign with your network goes a long way to helping us reach further and wider than we could otherwise go. This increases the likelihood of vital donations that can get this project closer to success!

Also, thanks to the generous support of Bowden Bradley Estate Agents, you can put a board outside your house advertising Bowden Bradley's support for Lambourne End Centre and they will donate £10 per household (up to 100 households) to our Crowdfunder! Contact us via the email or phone number below to get involved.

(Please note houses must be in the local area and boards will remain up until end of February/beginning of March).

Stay tuned for more information and a link to the Crowdfunder when it goes live on Monday 16th January.

Alternatively, you can contact us to find out more information at or 020 8500 3047

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